Who would have thought that this pretty little flower called Sorrel could wreak such havic on my body?! The locals here boil it to a concentrate, then add ginger, spices, and sugar to make an iced drink aka sorrel juice.  When I tried it for the first time Friday night I certainly didn't know that I would have a severe allergy to it.  By Saturday morning I'd broken out into big red hives all over my body.  I took benadryl, claritan, and tried all the anti-itch creams I could find.  Nothing worked.  By Sunday, Chris and I were getting worried because it was getting worse not better.  Begrudgingly, I called the EMTs who were actually very concerned and very kind.  They even raided the health clinic for drugs for me.  By this morning, I was starting to look a little better.  After two shots, I'm starting to get some regular color back on my skin, and the angry red hives are dulling to pink splotches.  I can see the light at the end of tunnel.

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Khemarint and Monique said...

oh no, poor thing! I would be soo scared! Hope you feel better:)