Priceless Reads

I spent most of this afternoon reviewing the last 8 books that I've read.  In my other blog, Priceless Reads, I've been keeping a review list/ account of the books I read.  I started it last year when I learned about Advanced Readers Copies and how publishing companies are always looking for book reviewers to promote their books.  Since we've moved to Dominica I haven't been able to participate, but last year I received 2 different books as ARC's.  What happens is you promise to review their book (in any light) and post it to 2 different online sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble and they give you the book for free!  The site I've been doing it through, LibraryThing,  uses an honor and check system.. they send you the book and then you send them the links when you are done.  You have several months to do it, but can't receive another book until the review links are verified.  Want to check out my other site?

I have the last 3 books here on the island if anyone is interested in borrowing one before I get around to doing a Book-Swapping Night.  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress seriously made my week last week!

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