The Countdowns

This weekend there was a party for the 4th semester spouses because they are in their last semester here and will move back to the states at Christmas.  They are counting down the days.

5 of these wonderful girls are leaving :(

It was pointed out to me today that I have 400+ days left on the island.  So I'm not exactly in countdown mode yet BUT it is only 41 days until I get to come back for a visit!  I can't wait for a Red Cup, Chipotle, and In-n-out.  Our tentative holiday plans look like this:

December 20: Overnight in Miami ((Starbucks at Airport))
December 21-24=3:  Los Angeles
December 24-29:  Atwater
December 30-January 2: San Diego
January 3-4: Upland
January 5: Los Angeles
January 6: Overnight in Puerto Rico ((One Last Starbucks))

I would love to see friendly faces if your Holiday plans mesh with ours!

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