Back in Action

We made it through Tomas unscathed.  The only thing that stopped working was our internet.. but even that may have not been hurricane related.  After a very frustrating 3 days without internet at home, I decided to check my network preferences.  It said that there was no Ethernet cord connected.. so I switched the cord I was using for a different one, and sure enough the internet popped back on.  Was it the hurricane or was it the cats chewing through our cord?  It's a toss up, and maybe a little of both.  All that matters to me is having my connection back.  It gets really lonely here without the internet.  I don't know how the people did it in the 70's and 80's!

In my internet deprived boredom, I started playing around with Photoshop and old photos.  Here's a quick before and after of a picture Chris and I took when we were first dating.



In other news, my very smart and dedicated husband took his second mini yesterday.  I get so nervous it feels like I'm the one taking the test, not him.  But he did great!  Yay!

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