Babysitting in Dominica

Dear Diary,

Today I got up when I felt like it, and then checked my email and facebook.  Then I talked with Kristen on Skype.  I heart the fact that I can video chat with her even though she lives in Egypt and I live in Dominica.

Then I made some mac-n-cheese for lunch for Chris and I.  If someone would have told me that I'd eat mac-n-cheese once a week here, I would have laughed in their face.  My standards for an acceptable lunch have dropped dramatically in the last 2 months.

After lunch, I sat and watched Harry Potter while updating the RSO website.  Would you like to see it?  http://rossmedspouses.wordpress.com/
I updated the About RSO page, and the Sponsorship page.  It's my new duty as website director of RSO.

Then I went to Erin's house to do hair for the big 4th semester banquet.  I made Carolyn pretty and drank mimosas.  It was wonderful girl time.

On my way home I got a phone call from a 4th semester student who is here with her daughter.  Her daughter was sick, and couldn't go to the banquet.  She wanted to know if I could come right then and babysit.  I'm a sucker for helping people.  I said yes.

So now I'm here babysitting.  I put lovely little Clara to sleep over an hour ago, and have been spending my time making a new blog layout for SpacyStacy.  It's quite fun for me.  I'd be happy to do other people's blogs too.

I've still gotta make the header.  And perfect it.  Also, you have to imagine the background with about an inch less green on both sides.  I've learned that you have to make the layouts extra wide for the people who are lucky enough to have those really nice extra wide flatscreen monitors.  The rest of us see about 20% less of the green.  Anyways... this is how I spend my time. 

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