Very Rainy Dominican Week

It's rained in Dominica before.  It's rained in California before.  Never have I ever seen rain like this for so long.  Sure, every now and then you might get an intense thunderstorm with a downpour.  The rain here though, it goes in every direction, it pounds, it pours, it dumps.  Yesterday morning when I left the house I literally had to splash through the river our road had become.  There were no puddles to walk around because it was one large flowing stream.  Now the rain has let up some, but it's been continuously coming down for the last 48 hours.  The only bonus is that the mercury has dropped.  Ironically, I'm still just as wet as soon I head outside : /

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Mark McLean said...

That river was nuts! I have been appreciating the cold lately, though. Mountains aren't mountains unless they're snow-capped, anyhow, so bring it on.