Screw Spa in Dominica

A Spa? In Dominica?  Don't get too excited.  Screw Spa is not your typical put on a bath robe and walk around and get a mani-pedi place.  It's actually a series of natural sulfur hot springs.  That's why it's screwy!  Ok, ok, bad joke.  Actually, I was worried that it would smell more than it did. The first pool you go in is really hot.  Like when you were a kid and burned your feet hopping up and down in the too hot bath water, but you get used to it.  When you feel like you are about ready to pass out you can run up the stairs to the cold pool.  From there, there are 2 other warm pools: one like a jacuzzi tub, and one like a nice warm bath.  And when you are finished the staff brings you a plate of fresh fruits and water. 

If anyone ever decides to come visit me (hint, hint!) I will gladly take you to this wonderful place.  I know that I mostly have bad things to say about living here, but I think if you were coming for a vacation instead of a permanent home it could really be very nice.  As far as I have heard there are two seasons: rainy and wet, and one temperature: hot.  There are rumors floating around that in December and January it gets cool enough at night to wear short sleeves or maybe even a light jacket.  We'll have to see about that.  I'm skeptical.  Just think, after a little saving, this could be YOU sitting under a fountain in a natural sulfur spring! 

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Nikki said...

That 'spa' looks awesome! Def putting that on my 'to do in Dominica' list :)

My name is Nikki...I'm dating a firstie (he just moved there in August), but I stayed back in the States. Since he's been there distance has done something to our relationship that we both didn't expect- instead of pushing us apart it has brought us immensly 'closer'. I'm prospecting the idea of moving out there and doing a lot of research. Since finding the RSO and reading some Spouses blogs, I've had a lot of optomism about the situation.

I'm looking forward to more of your blog posts!