Emerald Pool and Carib Territory

 Dominica is rich with waterfalls and natural pools.  This week we went to a really nice one called Emerald Pool.  In the picture, it's hard to tell, but the water is a beautiful emerald color.  And it's Freezing!  You can jump off the rocks, go behind the waterfall, and climb back into this little cove.  This was definitely one of the easiest hikes I've done so far!  After that we went on to the Carib Territory where the original island people have lived for thousands  of years. 

 There were women sitting outside the huts hand weaving beautiful baskets.  The really large ones you can see in the background were $50EC or about $18 US.  Apparently basket weaving is their only source of income and they do it for a living. 

We ended the day with a stop at Pagua Bay.. the most luxurious restaurant in Dominica.  Nothing more relaxing than a cocktail overlooking the ocean! 

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