Hurricane Tomas

Never have I ever been so close to a Hurricane before.  Tomas is knocking on our door.

You can see Dominica is inside the "scary" circle right now.  Funnily enough, it's not raining outside right now, just windy.  Although, it does look rather foreboding.  They shut the school down and sent everyone home.  We are pretty lucky, and our apartments have a generator so at least we will have power tonight.  Wish us luck!


Emerald Pool and Carib Territory

 Dominica is rich with waterfalls and natural pools.  This week we went to a really nice one called Emerald Pool.  In the picture, it's hard to tell, but the water is a beautiful emerald color.  And it's Freezing!  You can jump off the rocks, go behind the waterfall, and climb back into this little cove.  This was definitely one of the easiest hikes I've done so far!  After that we went on to the Carib Territory where the original island people have lived for thousands  of years. 

 There were women sitting outside the huts hand weaving beautiful baskets.  The really large ones you can see in the background were $50EC or about $18 US.  Apparently basket weaving is their only source of income and they do it for a living. 

We ended the day with a stop at Pagua Bay.. the most luxurious restaurant in Dominica.  Nothing more relaxing than a cocktail overlooking the ocean! 


Screw Spa in Dominica

A Spa? In Dominica?  Don't get too excited.  Screw Spa is not your typical put on a bath robe and walk around and get a mani-pedi place.  It's actually a series of natural sulfur hot springs.  That's why it's screwy!  Ok, ok, bad joke.  Actually, I was worried that it would smell more than it did. The first pool you go in is really hot.  Like when you were a kid and burned your feet hopping up and down in the too hot bath water, but you get used to it.  When you feel like you are about ready to pass out you can run up the stairs to the cold pool.  From there, there are 2 other warm pools: one like a jacuzzi tub, and one like a nice warm bath.  And when you are finished the staff brings you a plate of fresh fruits and water. 

If anyone ever decides to come visit me (hint, hint!) I will gladly take you to this wonderful place.  I know that I mostly have bad things to say about living here, but I think if you were coming for a vacation instead of a permanent home it could really be very nice.  As far as I have heard there are two seasons: rainy and wet, and one temperature: hot.  There are rumors floating around that in December and January it gets cool enough at night to wear short sleeves or maybe even a light jacket.  We'll have to see about that.  I'm skeptical.  Just think, after a little saving, this could be YOU sitting under a fountain in a natural sulfur spring! 


The Real Spouses of Dominica

One of the best things about living on this rock called Dominica is making friends with the other spouses who live here.  They are always coming up with new reasons to get together and hang out.  I think we all know that to be a good support to the med students, we have to have supports of our own.  I can't imagine living here without the other spouses.  It would be terribly boring and lonely.


Every Sunday by Peter Pezzelli

A lot of life changing things have happened since my last post, nearly two months ago.  Sadly, I have only finished one book in that whole time.  It seems backwards that moving to a Caribbean island would have slowed down my reading pace, but boy has it!  Not to worry, my appetite for books is coming back and I have the time to indulge myself.   

I always love books that are original.  The main character’s dead father narrates this sweet little story about an Italian family who puts their lives back together after his death.  Not exactly chic lit, Every Sunday is more of a rainy day feel good read than anything else.  This was the perfect book to help me get over jet lag and heat laziness.  

Bad Bed

Dear Dominican Landlord,

I know that your life must be rough, owning an apartment complex and all.  I'm grateful for our third floor walk up with the mini-fridge, florescent lights, and solar heated shower.  I don't mind that we don't have hot water in our sink, that the cable goes in and out, or even the patio furniture posing as a living room set.  What I'm having trouble with is this pathetic excuse for a bed.

Even the cats wake up with a crooked back.  It is slanted heavily to one side, rolls away from the wall during the night, and I swear I can still feel the springs through the egg crate.  This bed is making me wake up with pains in my side, neck, and lower back.  It is giving me headaches.  Please find it in your heart to replace our bed immediately with something like this.

Very truly yours,

Katie Price


Very Rainy Dominican Week

It's rained in Dominica before.  It's rained in California before.  Never have I ever seen rain like this for so long.  Sure, every now and then you might get an intense thunderstorm with a downpour.  The rain here though, it goes in every direction, it pounds, it pours, it dumps.  Yesterday morning when I left the house I literally had to splash through the river our road had become.  There were no puddles to walk around because it was one large flowing stream.  Now the rain has let up some, but it's been continuously coming down for the last 48 hours.  The only bonus is that the mercury has dropped.  Ironically, I'm still just as wet as soon I head outside : /