Subway by the Sea

  Chris started his first week of school in Dominica.  He went to his first day of class, first anatomy dissection, and this Friday he gets his first white doctor's coat in a ceremony.  

  Life for me has been pretty lazy this week.  I'm giving myself a birthday present: a month of vacation.  It's the best present I could get.  Now, I'm still going to cook and clean and all that, but I've decided not to feel guilty about not working.  I'm going to take this month to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my months here... work or go to school or volunteer, or a combination.  Maybe by the end of the month it won't feel like a full time job just to go to the grocery store and make dinner.  Maybe I'll acclimate a little more to the weather.  Until then, I'm going to be kind to myself and take my time getting used to living in Dominica. 
  At lunch today I made a little video.  Because we are on the northwest side of the island, the ocean you see is the Caribbean Sea.  I'm calling this "Subway by the Sea!"

  Another highlight this week has been meeting some of the other spouses.  I think the fourth semester girls are great, and I'm sad that they will be leaving so soon before we even get to really know them.  My sponsor has been particularly fantastic, and I'm so thankful for all her help.   There are a few other first semester spouses who I really like, and I tomorrow there is going to be a gathering of all the spouses from all the semesters.  Maybe tomorrows video will be, Spouses by the Sea.  Stay Tuned!

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