Dinners in Dominica

  The food in Dominica is what you make of it, and I've been having trouble. I've tried to make several meals, most have been disasters. The first meal, spaghetti with sausage and marinara sauce, had potential until the propane tank ran out half way through cooking the pasta. I ended up dumping it all in a bowl and microwaving it. Bleh.
  Then we moved and got a new stove! For my first meal here I very unsuccessfully made a stir fry. There were several problems. With rice, it's a 2 to 1 ration rice to water. Of course, I did a 1 to 1 ratio until halfway through when I realized my mistake and added the other cups of water, only to have the rice turn out mushy. Also, it didn't occur to me to thaw the stir fry veggies beforehand. I was lcuky enough to find them at Tina's grocery store. The result was a very watery mess of veggies in the pan, to which I mistakenly just added some soy sauce and the rice and called it done. Needless to say, it was not good.
  Thinking I needed a break from cooking, the next night we ate out at a place called Riverside, which you guessed it, is by the riverside! haha.. I had a yummy plate of Chicken Pad Thai which tasted great but ended up turning my stomach by the nights end. Next was the Ross Welcome BBQ dinner, which was decent. It was a hamburger, with onions, ketchup, and mayo but no where near the ballpark of a good In-N-Out. Sadly, there were no side dishes left for us at the end of the line.
  Last night I was really craving Mexican. I found a can of real refried beans at Tina's Grocery (!) for 7.95EC, which works out to be $3.06 American. No, this is not one of those double sized cans.
  So I made up some ground beef with onions, garlic, cumin, chili.. you know, taco spices.  And feeling lazy because I'm literally dripping with sweat at this point, I tossed the can of beans in too and dubbed it mexican chili!  I served it with flour tortillas for dipping or rolling burritos with.  I bought the tortillas frozen an hour and a half away in the city of Rosseau, the capital of Dominica.  Imagine having to go to the capital city just for tortillas! There is more to that story, but I'll do a shopping post some other time.  Like I was saying, I called it dinner.

  Looks kinda gross, but it was pretty good.  Tonight though Chris tells me that his stomach was upset all day.  Now, who knows if it was the mexican chili from last night, or any number of other reasons.  Not to mention that he starts medical school on Monday.  I'm hoping it was some reason other than my dinner.
  Tonight was twisty pasta with hot dogs, onions, garlic, cheese and marina.  Kinda odd combination, but it was the best I could do with what I had.  It turned out... alright.  *Sigh* Generally, I consider myself to be a better than average cook.  Dominica has made me lose my groove.  Super expensive groceries, boiling temperatures, propane stoves, and lack of ingredients are my excuse.  But that's not going to fly for much longer.

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K.Effinger said...

You nailed it. The smallest tasks are no longer the simplest. They turn into comic tradegies.