Birthday in Dominica

  I've celebrated my birthday in many places at this point: Atwater, Azusa, England, Claremont, La Habra, Orange, and now Dominica! This was definitely the wettest birthday on record.  Actually, I can't recall any other birthday where rain was involved at all.  But it was also my first birthday in years where I haven't had to work!  Last year, I was pretty much at school until 9 pm becuase of Back-to-School Night.  No fun!  My first order of business was.. Iced Coffee!  Without a coffee maker, it's been a luxury to have a coffee these days.
  Half way to the university, there is a wanna-be coffee shop called Rituals.  It even has the green starbucks-esque font lettering on the front sign.  When I got home, the maid was just going into my apartment.  So, while the maid mopped, scrubbed, and cleaned, I Skyped with Kristen in Egypt.  (If anyone wants to ever Skype me, my name is: katieolsonprice.)  I enjoyed my afternoon reading all the wonderful birthday wishes.  Then it was time to get ready for Chris's White Coat Ceremony.  Knowing there is NO shopping on the island, I had picked and brought a new birthday shirt with me.
  We headed off into the rain for his ceremony.  The White Coat Ceremony is when the medical students get their first official white coat, which symbolizes the professional aspects of becoming a doctor.  The students read an Honor Code, which is basically an oath to do no harm, and are pinned.
  I kid you not, they played "We are The Champions" while the students were going up to be pinned!  It was a true Laugh Out Loud moment.  The Prime Minister of Dominica was there, and gave a short speech.  Apparently, he is the youngest head of state anywhere in the world right now.  We had a few snacks, ducked out of the rain for a while, and as soon as it cleared we headed home.
  We had to pop in to Rituals on the way home to wait out the rain again.  By the time we got home, I was done with walking in the mud for the day.  We ordered in from The Tomato, which is one of the more expensive, but really yummy restaurants here.  All restaurants deliver in Dominica, even the coffee shop!  I had penne pesto for dinner, and Orlando Bloom Chocolate WOW Cake for dessert.  Supposedly, while they were filming Pirates of the Caribbean here, the crew would frequent The Tomato and this was Orlando's favorite cake.  All in all, it was a good birthday.  Not quite as extravagant as in years past, but I'm learning that sometimes simple is just as satisfying.  :)

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