Countdown: 5 weeks

 We're off to Dominica in just 5 short weeks!

Thanks to Ross Spouses Organization, and Samantha, I am now being Sponsored! What exactly does that mean? No, I'm not part of an AA program.. it means that Samantha has volunteered to help answer all my questions about Dominica! Not only did she answer a hundred questions, she also did some housing research for me, and helped us pick out our future apartment. We're going to be living at Silver Lining on MooCow!

haha.. don't you love the name? The choices were Lizard Trail, Banana Trail, or MooCow. Although we would have preferred to be at Lizard Trail which is super close to campus, not a single place would accept pets!  Thankfully, the landlord at Silver Lining agreed to let us have pets even though he doesn't normally. $850: which includes a $50 charge per month for the cats, and $50 more per month because there are two of us living there. Talk about taking advantage... The cats, again, are making our lives tricky. Did I mention that because we each are taking a cat, it means that we don't get carry on luggage?! Only a "personal item". Uggh.. But, at least it's done with!

Housing.. check!
Plane tickets.. check!
Immunizations and Tests... check!

What's left? renting our house, packing up the house, packing our luggage, finishing the VISA process, and hopefully keeping my sanity!