Dream Come True

Chris has been trying to get into medical school since we met. But timing is perfect as always, and he was accepted to begin this fall at Ross University on the island of Dominica. In two months, a mere 9 weeks, we will be renting out our house in Orange, and moving to a small island that we have never been to. We found out less than two weeks ago, and so it will be a trick to accomplish all we need to to be ready to pick up and go. First on the list was getting the cats rabies shots, and begin the process so they can get import permits into the country. Next step is to buy our plane tickets! Scary, as they are around $1100 each round trip. Then, finding a house/apartment to rent, packing up our house, packing our suitcases and cats, figuring out the multiple things on the official visa checklist, saying goodbye to good friends and family and hitting the road.

(( I can't wait!! ))

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